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ProLine Asphalt Suspensions

  • ProLine Asphalt suspensions are the #1 suspension on the market today, period.
  • Our suspension has won more asphalt races than all other suspensions combined.
  • We have the only full adjustable suspension on the market today and the only roller suspension available.
  • 98% of World Records held are on this suspension

ProLine Asphalt Racing Drive Sprockets and Hubs

  • Low friction roller drive sprockets
  • Our dual hub positions the sprockets on the shaft at the perfect width. Clamps hold firmly in position so drivers don't move.
  • Our hubs actually strengthen the drive shaft with less flex in the middle
  • Center helper wheel prevents track destrotion
  • Available in 9,10,11 and 12 tooth applications

ProLine Asphalt Chassis

New for 2011 is our billet asphalt chassis. These chassis is three times stronger than a stock chassis. Light weight, yet durable. You won't have the cracking problems that you can have with chromolly. Front Bulkhead and side panels are CNC and machined from 6061 T6 aluminum.

The jack shaft, drive shaft, and motor are all machined into position in the bulkhead. The support and ribs are precisely machined to exert all the power to the suspension and then to the ground. We can design and fit these bulkheads to any other brands. So if your looking for the ultimate snowmobile asphalt chassis, this is for you!

  • Comes with 12 tooth roller drive with center wheel
  • machined backwards for smooth sides for NHRA rules
  • Carbon fiber hood and seat

2010 Big Wheel Skis

The new 2010 asphalt skis are the most durable ski on the market! With a dual bearing wheel and re-designed heavy duty ski loops that resist cracking. The new asphalt skis have black anodized plates that have been re-designed for your full run out. The new ski wheels are available in black or red and have run over 177 mph consistently.

The new big wheel skis have 5.75" dia. dual roller bearings to reduce heat. The 5.5 diameter wheel slows the bearing speed down. Designed with dual bearings and large cooling aluminum hubs for added safety.

Available in 2" and 3" widths


Proline Small Asphalt Ski

  • Best asphalt ski for the past five years.
  • Rubber mounted ski loops to resist cracking
  • Avail in in 2.25" and 3.0" widths

Helpers Wheels

  • These wheels are designed to support the outside of the track.
  • Helps keep track from ratcheting.
  • Helps keep drive shaft more rigged.
  • Available for 10 and 11 tooth applications.

Drive Shaft Brake System

  • Available 8.6" or 7.5" diameter brake disks
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